Our Mission

To help our client’s voice be heard, to improve healthcare by providing advocacy. We will do this by giving representation and advocacy to our clients and bridge the gap between them and the multi-tiered healthcare system. ¬†We do this by either teaching you the tools to advocate for yourself or doing the advocating for you!

Our advocates are experienced Registered Nurses who will provide a supportive, stress-free environment when navigating your health care options. By understanding your needs, we can be your voice and help remove the obstacles that impact your patient care outcome.

About the Founder

Vannessa Fowler

Vannessa Fowler

Founder & CEO

With more than 17 years experience working as an RN in the Health Care System, she continually strives to help individuals to the fullest extent possible in facilitating their health care needs.

Specializing in Emergency Care, Vannessa has seen families struggle through difficult decisions especially when caring for aging parents and relatives.

Realizing that the Health Care system is overburdened she set out to develop a patient care advocacy service that assists families in traversing the vast intricacies of our health care system.

Proud to have founded the Nightingale Patient Care Advocacy Corporation in 2014, she takes personal interest in every client represented and the advocates that serve them.

Vannessa Fowler

“Over the last two decades, I’ve seen the health care system become more and more confusing for people. I’ve seen families get frustrated and I knew I could provide assistance to them solely” -Vannessa Fowler