Course Details!

You will receive excellent information in this program to give you the tools in becoming a more effective advocate for yourself or the person you assist.

The course is delivered over 4 weeks (8 modules) and have the option to go at your own pace!


Here is a list of some of the great content we will be covering: 

  • *What is an Advocate and who makes a good advocate
  • *Learning the importance of shared decision making and patient centeredness
  • *Understanding the needs/values of the person in need
  • *Determining the needs , “your ASK”, and the steps to obtaining results
  • *The how to’s: getting more out of your doctor visit, obtaining medical records, understanding your rights as a patient, available services in your Province and much more…. 
  • *The steps on how to approach different levels of the healthcare team, and how to advocate effectively with them.   
  • * Conflict resolution and mediation 
  • *Getting your affairs in order (wills, power of attorney, health representative, MOST)
  • *How to use your NPCA Patient Medical Journal    AND MUCH MUCH MORE! 

In addition to all this great content you will ALSO receive $100 in Bonus materials!*

*The NPCA Patient Medical Journal
 *Prevent Care Giver Burnout (booklette)
 *From Triage to Discharge (booklette) 
 *A copy of My Voice (the advanced care planning guide) or one thats designated to your Province

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